Club Sub-Committees

Together with the Executive Committee (Board), the club relies on the support of members to help with club activities and the running of the club.  The following are the club endorsed sub-committees with their Board sponsor/Chair:

Coaching sub-committee (David Pees and Jenny Higgins)

Sweep sub-committee (Pam Jackson and Merche Benson)

Safety sub-committee (Peter Friend and Shane Trotter)

Recruitment sub-committee (Jenny Higgins and David Pees)

Regatta sub-committee (Andrew Blundell and Phil Higgins)

Fund Raising sub-committee (Andrew Blundell and Merche Benson)

Social sub-committee (Vicki Bryce, Gail Carter and Chris Essex)

New Member/Paddler support (Rob Cook and Jo Stavely)

If you are interested in assisting with any of these SCs, please make contact with one of the members listed above