April 9, 2016

ORIENTATION DAY – try drumming, sweeping, outrigging or have your technique critiqued

November 25, 2023 - 7:00 am

Orientation Day is a great opportunity for Flamin’ members to try all facets of Dragon Boating.

Have you ever thought that you may be good at sweeping?  Have a trial run and maybe you can take your interest in sweeping a little further.

Outrigging is a great training tool for dragon boating – same technique but you can train individually to increase fitness and better your technique.

When Flamin’ attends regattas we are always in need of drummers who are happy to paddle and/or drum for crews.

We all need to have our technique critiqued by a keen-eyed coach.  The best way to successfully compete as a crew is for all paddlers to be synchronised and using the same Club technique.


Current Attendees

  • Jenelle Adair
  • Janette Anderson
  • Barbara Atchison
  • Michael Baumann
  • Deborah Broome
  • Jane Camozzato
  • Yvonne Couper
  • Melanie Duck
  • Lyn Elliott
  • Chris Essex
  • Kylie Everett
  • Nola Faulkes
  • Ingrid Friend
  • Peter Friend
  • Fran Hannon
  • Liz Harrison
  • Tony Harrison
  • Elaine Hendriks
  • Bron Hinwood
  • Jo-anne Letchford
  • Beth Madgwick
  • Stephanie McKinnon
  • Robyn Moody
  • Kerrie Mullen
  • Andy Nong
  • Lyndal Ross
  • Diane Sloan
  • Debbie Stockton
  • Alison Sweep
  • Annette Sweep
  • Gail Sweep
  • Merche Sweep
  • Simone Thompson
  • Stephany Upton
  • Louisa Wellings
  • Lark Whittingham
  • Lyn Wilkinson
  • Fiona Witts

Remaining Seats - 17

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