June 2020 Newsletter

FDPM Newsletter  – June 2020

Social distancing in a dragon boat – hope this isn’t the way of the future!


Return to paddling  – still waiting …….

At the time of writing this newsletter we still await DBNSW’s advice regarding when, and how, we can return to paddling. That advice can only come once guidance is issued by the NSW government. There has been some movement on the issue though; on 2 June the government announced that community sport competitions for those aged 18 and under can resume from 1 July, subject to COVID 19 safety plans being in place for each activity or sport. More importantly though, for the over 18s the news is still hurry up and wait as the government’s announcement included that “A decision on a potential return date for adult community sport will be made at a later stage.”

We hope to receive some positive news from DBNSW in the very near future – stay tuned and keep exercising.

For anyone wanting to read the full government announcement, details may be found here:


Shame about the weekend

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend was to have seen FDPM host the club’s regatta at Rocks Ferry Reserve, Wauchope. Last year’s regatta, the first held at Rocks Ferry Reserve, was a great success and we were looking forward to an even better one in 2020 but then along came COVID 19. As in June 2019, the weather on the Saturday and Sunday this year was ideal, if rather cool in the mornings. We can only look forward to resuming completion in the near future and to staging another successful FDPM regatta in June 2021. Mark your diary accordingly please

Meanwhile – back at the ranch (aka The Shed)

A small team of dedicated workers have been busy doing much needed maintenance on the club’s boats, sweep oars, trailers and other assorted bits and bobs.  A big thank you to Joe Alway, Margaret and Tony Bourke, Peter Friend and Phil Higgins for their time and hard work getting everything ship shape ready for a return to paddling.

Joe’s the shy one with his back to the camera and Margaret missed out altogether – sorry about that Margaret

And a thank you too to all those who turned up at The Shed on Sunday 24 May to help juggle the boats around and turn Tiger upside down to allow the repair team to properly access the underwater hull. Prez Phil’s call for 10 minutes of your time proved to be slightly optimistic, however, the evolution provided a chance for members to catch up and have a good chat – all while maintaining social distancing of course.

It was interesting to see just how much water a dragon boat can hold between the hull skins and in the bow and stern void spaces. If you have ever wondered why you seemed to be paddling hard but going not very far, now you know!

Rent relief

The $2 paddling levy paid by members each training session goes towards the rental of The Shed. Normally the levies go a long way towards covering the monthly rental cost but since the suspension of training sessions due to COVID 19 that particular income stream has disappeared. For a few weeks now Prez Phil and Treasurer Kim B have been negotiating with the club’s landlord to obtain some relief from the ongoing rental costs.  Negotiations are progressing and we hope to have positive news on this matter very soon.


Phyllis’ “very special birthday” in May

And many happy returns to FDPM members celebrating their birthday in June

It’s also a “very special” occasion for Janet Kesby

Liz Turner

Robin Thorn (Life Member)

Toni Colless

Narelle Panneman

Mel Wilson

Marion Roberts

Roni Hutchison

David Pees