May Newsletter

Hello to all FDPM members, we hope you are managing to stay healthy and retain your sense of humour through these difficult, if not unprecedented, times. The recent announcements from the Federal and NSW governments regarding a pathway for reopening Australia have given us a glimmer of light at the end of the Covid 19 tunnel but there is still some way to go before our club will be able to resume on-water training and competition.

Return to paddling  – if only we could ………..!!

Of interest to all FDPM members will be DBNSW’s plan regarding a return to paddling for clubs. The plan was outlined on 21 April during an online forum hosted by DBNSW for member clubs. A summary of the online forum may be found here:

DBNSW’s April update contained further information:

The DBNSW return to paddling program is dependent on the NSW government’s planning for the resumption of community sport. At the time of writing this newsletter there is no indication from the government when that may occur. The government’s announcement on Sunday 10 May regarding an easing of COVID 19 restrictions in NSW did not include any indication of when community sport might resume but it did reinforce the need for the public to maintain existing social (physical) distancing requirements. That alone suggests that we will not be able to resume dragon boat paddling – as we have known it – in the immediate future. Although that news will disappoint many FDPM members, please try to remain positive and keep up your personal fitness regime so as to be ready to get back on the water once we have clearance to do so.


Happy birthday to FDPM members celebrating a birthday in May:

 Phyllis McCarroll,

 Ray Pincott,

 Margaret Tapscott,

 Margaret Bourke,

 Lila Stuckey

 Susan Day

 Carla Pirie

Corn Corner

A sign that you’re a hard-core dragon boater – you argue with a 90-year-old lady sitting in the middle of the bus, claiming that you always sit in the ‘engine room’.

How are you keeping fit?

Let us know what you’re doing to maintain fitness (email to Rob  Has dusting off the Jane Fonda fitness videos or the 5BX/XBX pamphlet brought back memories of kinder, gentler times?