Our next paddler profile is of David Pees, prick him and he bleeds black, a KIWI through and through.

Paddlers in row six often wonder if that is their seat number in the boat or if they are being given permission for something a lot more raunchy than dragon boating. I personally look around for “Lun” whenever he calls out my name.

We love our co head coach David … even more so when the Wallabies have that rare win against the All Blacks. 😁

But whatever you do, try not to sit in front of him, your ears will ring for days.

Enough from me though … sit back and chow down on a paua or two, washed down with an L&P and enjoy learning more about Mr Pees.

Lyn Elliott

Club Captain


Australia … where the pavlova originates from.

 Please state your full name:

  David Charles Pees









 What category do you paddle in?

Senior C (D) by age, but have paddled probably mostly down in Senior B.

What positions, if any, do you hold within the club?

Currently co-Head Coach with Jenny Higgins. Have held board positions for several years in the past, including a few as Vice President and some months as stand in President.

 What inspired you to first try dragon boat paddling?

A pathology laboratory work colleague, Joy Pattison, convinced me to put together a crew and enter a community team event in a FDPM regatta.

 When and where was that?

It was in June 2009. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up at a come and try a few weeks later and I have been a member ever since. It was great to find a sport that I could keep reasonably fit in and compete in, after having played quite a lot of various sports over the years.

 What clubs and representative teams have you been a member of?

Prior to dragon boating, I had been on committees of a couple of organisations in New Zealand, but the longest serving was as a member of the City Of Sails Barbershop Chorus in Auckland, New Zealand.

I sang barbershop for over twenty years both in the chorus and as a member of various quartets. The culmination was being New Zealand champion quartet in 1986 and representing my country in international competition in Indianapolis in 1987.

In dragon boating I have only been a club member of FDPM, and have been a part of several club representative teams at both State and National regattas. I have been a paddling member of several Northern Region squads at both State and National levels and Head Coach of Northern Region squads in 2016, 2017 and 2019. I have also been a member of various Motley Crew squads representing NSW at Pan Pacific games.
















What is the highlight of your paddling career to date?

There have been, I suppose, two great highlights of my paddling career so far. The first was being part of a Motley Crew Senior C 10’s crew that took out the gold medal in 2014. The second as Head Coach of the Northern Region Squad which made a clean sweep of the gold medals at both State and National championships in 2016.














Now for the fun stuff ……

 Who would be your “hall pass”?

My wife Christine.

If you could say one thing to Donald Trump what would it be?

Nothing. He leaves me speechless!!!

What is number one on your bucket list?

To keep my health for as long as I can so I can enjoy my family (wife, two children and seven grandchildren).

 Company preferred male or female?

Both. I have always enjoyed being in the company of either. Probably explains why I have enjoyed this sport of ours so much.

 Picture this, you are on death row and about to order your last meal ….. what would it be?

 Good old fashioned roast lamb with all the potatoes, parsnip, pumpkin, peas and beans.

 Beatles or Elvis Presley?

I have always enjoyed both – both music and movies. Possibly prefer The Beatles musically.

Where is the number one place you would like to go to when we once again have access to the world?

A trip back home to New Zealand to visit my elderly Mum, family and friends.

 If you were boss of the world, what is the first thing you would do?

 Encourage everyone to live in peace and harmony. A huge ask I know, but so necessary now in this current world climate we live in.

What is it you love most about being a Flamin’ Dragon?

The camaraderie we share and exhibit and the overall success we have in the various regattas we are able to be a part of. We never disgrace ourselves.

And finally, please nominate a fellow paddler for the next Flamin’ Paddler Profile.

I would like to nominate Yvonne Couper. A very successful and long standing female club member.