March 28, 2016

About Us

Flamin’ Dragons Port Macquarie Inc. is a club that caters for men and women of all ages, levels of fitness and degrees of competitiveness. We currently have over 100 registered members ranging in age from 12 to 82 – some are breast cancer survivors, some are survivors of other cancers, some have different medical conditions, and many others are fit and healthy. For Flamin’ Dragons it makes no difference. Everyone is welcome.

Flamin’ Dragons run as many as ten paddling sessions spread over five days each week. For new members the main training day is Saturday. We meet at the boat ramp near the Marina on Park Street. New members are encouraged to come along at 6:30am for the 7:00am paddling session. Being there a bit early is essential so we can give you some on-land instruction before getting into the boat.

To contact any member of the Club Executive – Please email

2019-2020 Flamin’ Dragon’s Office Bearers

President: Phil Higgins

Vice President: Glenys Cummings

Secretary: Gail Carter

Treasurer: Kim Blundell

Club Captain: Lyn Elliot

Assistant Secretary: TBA

Paddler Members: Jenny Higgins, Phil Tapscott, Fi Witts, Rob Cook, Deb Broome

Meet your coaches and sweeps

These are the members who have undertaken training and become accredited as either coach, sweep or both. You’ll see them at the bow or stern of the boats – they’ll be the ones with the loud voices!


Yvonne Couper L1
Lyn Elliott L1
Geoff Roberts L1
Jenny Higgins L3
David Pees L3
David Pees L3
Phil L3
Kim Blundell L1


Phil L3
Merche L4
Secretary Annette Newton
Annette L3

Shane L3

Gail L3

Liz L2

Pinks Liaison


Club Registrar